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antmanuvMICRO exists with the propose of acquiring knowledge in regards to promotion and respective network of audio and visual environment, to offer a platform of directories to work with. our main goal for now is a release of CDRs and digital files. soon we will be looking for a digital distributor or just an on-line store. Two home projects, antmanuv and AMNAV, we also have the interest in releasing music by other artists. to send a demo just contacts us. antmanuvMICRO is located in Galt Ontario.



antmanuv . AMNAV . a solitary audiovisual experimentalist artist with an interest in expressing feelings with audio and visuals following an order of architecture and facts related with our lives. the relationship to the compositions is one of physical and organic instinct. In, out and field recordings are the very main source of sound to a pre designed input strategy. Amplification of sounds from situations that we can not really notice; they are around us but we don't really notice their existence. Everything depends on where I'm at and how I feel when I'm there. My great passion for music and other arts made me become interested in specific styles of music. Doing radio programs during a period of time, being a DJ, having a certain interest in learning music for some time, with bass guitar lessons until the use of the computer to primarily producing and mixing music. Since 1998 with the help from conferences, workshops and with participation in projects that involved hardware, software and techniques made so that as of the year 2001 I would interest myself in producing music.