- Feb 14-05


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- Dec 15

selected artists for the overshadow - various artists antma0205

house of snakes
The infant Cycle
Vitor Joaquim

we  very much appreciate everybody that submitted to us pieces and a special thanks to the ones  and websites that helped us with advertising. we received more pieces than we were expecting  and unfortunately we had to turn down some very good artists to archive a great compilation of 80 minutes.


- Nov 20

December 11 @ 00:15/00:45 [GMT -05:00 TIME] [Friday to Saturday] antmanuv's live-to-air set at the electronic/experimental radio show "DIVERSIONS" hosted by Riyaz Khan on CHRY 105.5FM (Toronto York university) live stream


- Nov 08

24th to 27th of November. video by antmanuv entitled premonition of charm will be in exhibition at Hertzoscópio 2004 - 2nd Experimental & Trans-Disciplinary Arts Festival, Lisboa.


- Nov 07

11 December 2004. antmanuv's two audio pieces and three Dali paintings with SINERGY-NETWORKS at Dali's night, will be showcased at the dripping watches made of iron location designed by Dali, Rachdinge Barcelona. sala dali-sinergy


- Oct 15

antmanuv and Dali's art with sinergy networks on DALI´S 2004 in Barcelona celebrating the 100th anniversary. antmanuv's two audio pieces and three Dali's paintings... audio pieces, texts and images. here


- Sep 20

overshadow - various artists

antmanuvMICRO is accepting audio pieces for a digital compilation that will be released no later than the fall, CDs will be made only for promotional purposes and for the respect artists that will appear on the compilation [ 2 CDs each ] we are accepting then minimal textures, fusion of noise, melody and classical avant garde audio pieces, every audio piece has to be outside of the what we call underground's mainstream. how to send the demo? contact us first for details , artists will have the possibility to upload their files to a FTP server.


- Aug 20

SOON . antmanuv - vague
01 - urban park - 07:04
02 - bundle - 06:51
03 - the net & the sea - 09:21
04 - anxiety - 06:40
05 - MAKINO CNC - 04:14 [previously released on MUTEK_v_comp01 ]
06 - provocative neighbor - 05:02
07 - vague - 07:45
08 - premonition of charm - 11:02
09 - anxiety II - 06:37


- July 17

we have been getting several contacts concerning to antmanuv's future. at this time we are adding new partners for improvements in all aspects, ex: english spelling (the joke) and starting a new music and visual project . this website will be under construction soon to update as the antmanuv micro label


- Jun 17

new music project is being born at this time AMNAV, this new project is a tribal beat oriented. soon a mini album will be released on vinyl or digital file.


- Jun 13

We would like to tank the MUTEK staff for inviting us to freely perform and also everybody that commented and complimented personally and via web/email. June/02 20:30 time. audio+visual performance MUTEK Montreal . read by TJ Norris on igloomag . MUTEK 2004 :: Maturing Mutations . Warming up the night was The Ceiling’s Antmanuv whose dense vibrations and skipped beats were warm and warped. The accompanying video of outdoor streetlights marred by movement with checkerboard tones was laid atop field recordings of truck motors that had an instant remoteness. With the insistent, repetitious sound play of propellers and multiple video layers he created the morph multiplication of a landscape by cycling metallics and pops in open air.


- Mar 06

MAGNETIC FIELD album is now done and available for purchase. if you would like to receive a promo contact us.


- Feb 06

a collaborative track between The Infant Cycle + antmanuv entitled "echo's" can be downloaded at this time on Flux MP3 online project . Flux project is dedicated to present new and radical sound works, based in portugal and having the mission to promote new related portuguese sound artists. the audio piece will be available for download for approximately two months.


this site is still under construction and testing. feel free to contact us about any criticism or doubt