antmanuv - magnetic field [antma-0104] 11$ (cad) canada 13$ (cad) rest of the world

- streamlines 3:20
- (+) + (+) = repels 1:37
- magnetosphere 2:59
- storms and substorms 3:18
- dynamics of charged particles 2:12
- magnetism resonance 3:50
- (+) + (-) attract 2:40
- northern lights 8:13
- magnetic structures 2:10
- magnetic structures II 2:00
- electrically charged particles 3:20
- between earth's north and south 4:40
- magnetic field lines 2:17
- cyclotron frequencies 2:34
- waves 3:55




this particular album was written during a sever thunderstorm in April of 2003 using only analogue sources such as several microphones in different places to create effect and a warming reverb, analogue modular synthesizer and a turntable. the input 'magnetic field' to the album's name poped up due to the fact of the relation between thunderstorm, magnetosphere and magnetism. this album was mastered and mixed by Jim DeJong at Plasmaland.

- by Jim DeJong

Even if points A and B remain fixed, the road between them can always change. Take a mystery book, pull out all the pages, assemble them in a random manner, and then read. Continuous familiarity and unfamaliarity-progression or regression? An everyday location or event absorbed into the subconscious, transformed in dream, half-remembered to colour the events of the next day. Does this all originate from one short fragment, or is it an excerpt from a much longer piece? One frozen moment of sonic time, exploding out in every direction, new flora and fauna of sound growing in the aftertrails



by Frans de Waard/VITAL WEEKLY number 416

Originally from Portugal now living in Canada is Tomane V. who calls himself Antmanuv. he plays analog modular synthesizer turntable, 'a technic' and microphones. During a severe thunderstorm he recorded some material which he used weeks later in a live concert. Or something like that. Earpiercing synth tones backed with dark rumbles of the lower end of the sound spectrum. Although divided in fifteen different tracks, this is rather a coherent thing. Even when they all have seperate titles, I think the material is intended as one long concert. Antmanuv crosses various genres with his music, which ranges from artic soundscapes to the more noisy and upfront version of microsound, with traces of industrial music somewhere deep down there. Maybe a more selective approach would have been ok, but overall this is a good documentation of a concert. (FdW)

by Federica Linke on Basebog Magazine, tlaslated by Dario Sanfilippo, Leggi la recensione in italiano

I discovered Antmanuv thanks to a friend and since then we never doubt about the fact we would have soon arrived at the day where this young producer would have been noticed. Right this year, in fact, he's been one of the artists performing in the latest Mutek edition, one of the biggest and
prestigious international events of 'avant-garde electronics' (one of his works was even selected for the annual compilation of the festival!). So we hope to hear about him soon, even if, considering the type of music he makes, I'm afraid it will be a very long and hard enterprise. But let's came to the record of this review, "Magnetic Field". The sun, source of light and heat, can interfere dangerously with the vital processes of our planet. For example, the electrified particles thrown from the sun onto the earth, owing to a solar eruction, can cause real magnetic storms and the strong electric currents generated can seriously damage both satellites in orbit and, as you know, the electonic equipments on earth. About one year ago, in Canada, exactly in Toronto (city where our friend resides) there was a terrible storm and it was then that this record has come into shape. Having always been fascinated by the interaction between storms and alterations of the terrestrial magnetic field, Antmanuv did a series of recordings positioning the microphones in different points to obtain a first series of effects. The rest of the instrumentation consists of turntables and an analog modular synthesizer. So the deal was to work on those recordings through sessions of editing and processing of the sounds. Musique Concrete, in plain words, but following (or pursuing) a well-defined concept, that is to create a work which would be the translation in music of the magnetic field variations, of the collision/encounter between opposite and/or equal force lines,
incoming or outgoing. So using simply the atmospheric noise, manipulating with the instrumentation an unstable matter made up of banks of variable-frequency impulses (the lower the frequency the higher the background radio noise) Antmanuv gave musical shape to his
attraction for magnetism, for that which is unforeseeable and mysterious, perhaps dangerous, creating a flux where sounds are in constant movement, now inside now outside of the textures, because if it's true that the poles are two, the ways to go from one to the other are yet endless. But so far, you may think, there's only an interesting idea and a brave experimentation which is apparently an end in itself, too austere and abstract to be actually enjoyable. I would think that too, and i don't deny it's a difficult listening, but in this case, like in the case of a record by Ikeda, for instance, a careful and participating listening makes the difference. Here the body is excluded, there's no sensuality, the mind stays naked and alone in face of a non-easy record, extreme in the sounds and in the concept, disturbing like an icy aural breeze, claustrophobic, cerebral, sci-fi in the darkest and most distressing form ever imagined. But that's exactly his charm: the ways the listener perceives sounds, reacts to them, and the imaginary that arises. If to all this we add the fact that Antmanuv's attraction for magnetism goes over the scientific matter in itself, and partly
conceals the fear for a threat, a fear that up there in the north, not far from Alaska, is shared by a lot of people, the scenario changes slightly and the listening assumes a greater sense. It's the fear
roused by some strange and disquieting experiments for the realization of technologies derived from the studies on electromagnetism, in other words, electromagnetic weapons, the so called invisible weapons, the silent weapons. Maybe these are just the paranoic fantasies of the theorists of the conspiracy but in Canada, after the disastrous and absurd blackout which took place in the april of the past year and which paralyzed the country down up to New York, people think differently. That's also the charm and the modernity of "Magnetic Field", the ability to give musical expression through the ways given by modern technologies to one of the worst nightmares of our age using as source right the element from which that fear (one of the many fears of our century) originates.